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The evil Phyrexian forces have made a great breakthrough in their conquest of the planes. A powerful machine, crafted from dark Phyrexian steel, is absorbing the mana of different planes and using it as fuel for a construct of terrible power. A call has been sent out. Planeswalkers, come forth. Answer the call to arms. Defeat the Phyrexian threat. Destroy the Dark Construct. And finally, find a way to destroy the Dark Steel Machine and seal up the Rift.
Choose Your Race:

Human (any)
Halfling (white, blue)
Dwarf (white, red)
Goblin (red)
Celestial (white, black)
Elf (green)

Remember: certain templates are available to certain colors

Choose Your Color:

RED: Strong and fiery, those of the mountain learn quick that damage now means peace later.
GREEN: Nature. She is beautiful, strong, alive and growing. Nature. She can make one hell of an ally
WHITE: The best offense is a good defense. You can’t break a shield that can heal itself.
BLUE: Intelligence and cunning will always beat brute strength. The mind is the ultimate weapon
BLACK: Death, famine, fear. These aren’t tragedies. These are your tools. And your happy to use them

Home Page

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